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Newstopia Team

Laura Cuthbertson, MA

Laura Cuthbertson is a Project Manager at Building Wings. Laura is a former middle school teacher and received her master's degree in autism spectrum disorders. She understands the difficulties teachers and students face in finding a curriculum that meets everyone's needs. Laura strives to create engaging, educational content for all learners.

Dan Stintzi, MFA

Dan Stintzi is the Editorial Manager at Knowledge Unlimited, a Building Wings company. As an undergraduate, Dan studied English at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Johns Hopkins University. Dan has been creating standards-based current events content for Knowledge Unlimited for over four years.

Sam Cibula, BA

Sam Cibula is a Content Specialist with Knowledge Unlimited and Building Wings. Sam received his B.A. in English Literature from Vassar College, and has been writing for Knowledge Unlimited since 2021. He is passionate about current events and civic education, and endeavors to explain complex issues with simple language for all reading levels.

Jenny Long, BS

Jenny Long is a science writer at Building Wings. Jenny received a degree in Human Biology, Health, and Society. Her degree allows her to write science-related content for Building Wings. She is part of several product development teams that work to provide comprehensive curriculum for all students.

Michael McCormick, LBS, MS

Michael is a Licensed Behavior Specialist (LBS) and educational consultant, offering consultative services to Building Wings. As a former special education teacher, transition coordinator, and special education supervisor, Michael is deeply committed to empowering individuals with unique learning requirements to excel in their educational paths. Michael brings valuable expertise to the field, contributing to the advancement of inclusive education and support for diverse learners.

Don Johnston, M.S.

Don Johnston is the C.E.O and the visionary behind both Readtopia and ReadtopiaGO. Throughout his career, Don has created and disseminated a range of education technology tools and products that support the needs of students who face learning challenges. Don continues to inspire the Building Wings team today.

Trish Johnson, B.S.

Trish Johnson is the president of Building Wings. She is a passionate advocate in the fields of special education and assistive technology. She is dedicated to ensuring that all learners have access to high-quality curriculum and that their teachers have the tools they need to implement it.